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Corporate Website Setup

Want to grow your business? It’s now widely accepted that your business Performance and Professionalism will be judged by the Appearance of your Website. Customers need to be able to feel as though they can trust your product. That starts at your Website!
When potential customers walk by a Retail Outlet, if the appearance of the shop is Outdated or Unappealing, people assume the same of the Product.
Don’t let your business be held back by your Website.
We create exciting Websites that are Appealing and Fresh. A New Vibrant Website designed by our experienced team at Apex can give your Shop Front the lift it needs to draw in those customers and show them what you have on offer.

E-commerce/shop Website Setup

We use Tried and Tested ecommerce Platforms that move with Technological changes. Payment Gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Credit and Debit card are all at home within our ecommerce platforms.

Personal and Organisational Website Design

This is likewise for the Individual or Organisations, your Website needs to convey your message; so we aim to design Websites that are an extension of you and the amplify the reason you have an online presence.

Web Application Development

The team at the core of Apex have worked on projects such as, Warehouse Scheduling, Complex Online Calculators and Social and Enterprise platforms. If you need to integrate feature Applications as a part of your Website or as a Standalone App, Apex would love to investigate what we can do to make it a reality.